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Not that I am bitter or anything, but I was meant to feature in this promo, but got replaced by some guy going by the name "Ed Sheeran"...

Director: Mike Baldwin

Producer: Jack Lightfoot

Role: Assistant Producer


Boyzone have just dropped the lead single from their upcoming final album, a catchy, country-tinged number co-written by hitmaker Ed Sheeran called Because.

As well as Sheeran, the emotive song features writing credits for Ronan Keating, Amy Wadge and John Shanks and will be released as part of their final record Thank You & Goodnight which will be released on November 16.

The song’s singalong attraction is highlighted in the video, which sees Boyzone perform in all-white suits on a TV screen while Ronan, Keith, Mikey and Shane all belt along with the track at karaoke.

The video also features clips of Boyzone fans from all around the world singing the hook - featuring my parents, sister and friends.

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