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Side Effects is a short drama that follows a psychologist, Jack Torrance, who is battling a drug addiction. Jack is attempting to help Patient K through her drug addiction but is struggling to cope with his own. Jack mentally and physically deteriorates and all is not what it seems.

Starring Duncan Pow, Michelle Batcock & Phil Prentice.


The visual effects in Side Effects are used suitably throughout. The drawn door is composited on top of the paper in the bedroom scene. A matte painting is used to hide the legs of the red door. Compositing was used to make Patient K 'appear' and compositing was used to recreate a wall that was over exposed.


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My name is James Dearden and I’m a Producer / Director and Graphic Designer. My passion is for engaging content and finding a harmonious balance between playful yet provocative media. I am a creative problem solver at my core, with a hand in all things online, corporate and commercial, striving to present beautiful stories with powerful imagery.

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