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Director: Frederick Lloyd

Producer: Jack Lightfoot


A female warrior in the aftermath of battle, treks alone across a spectacular landscape. And then the giants appear...

Shot in Iceland, Frederick Lloyd's film is a trailer for Solace, the new EP by his music alter-ego Ursine Vulpine and singer/songwriter Annaca, featuring the opening track I Am The Only One. It's a scene-setting two minutes or so, but has the weight of a fantasy epic - especially with that breathtaking final shot.


The three giants we see represent the three themes of the EP – Love, Loss and Loneliness

"As I had done previously with my debut solo album Respire, I knew I wanted to make a strong, visual accompaniment to announce Solace and in conceptualising the idea for a promo I really wanted to create something that echoed the themes and tones of the EP itself.

"I think lyrically there is a lot of exploration of love, loss and loneliness which is all set against my cinematic, big movie score instrumentation. The opening track I Am The Only One runs just over 2 minutes and has a big climactic moment that made it the perfect choice to soundtrack the trailer.

"I started putting ideas and a treatment together just over a year ago at the start of 2018 but some location woes meant I had to go back and rework the concept in April, moving the location from indoors to outdoors. I had been wanting to visit and shoot something in Iceland for a while and thought this would be the perfect project for it. I had always been so inspired by the Icelandic landscape ; there is something very otherworldly, completely unique and beautiful, isolated and harsh all at once which kind of made it the perfect backdrop thematically as well as for the sense of scale required.

"The short narrative of the piece was always focused on a strong female character at the centre of it, bloody and bruised having battled physically and emotionally against an unseen force she can't escape. We see her finally collapse exhausted, almost defeated by it only to renew her determination to battle on and stand to face whatever is coming her way. The three giants we see represent the three themes of the EP – Love, Loss and Loneliness – and the smoke we see on the horizon at the beginning is and indication of the battle she had overcome before. All in all, it felt to me like an allegory for life - overcoming heartbreak and sorrow and sadness and all kinds of trouble we face as people, only to pick ourselves up and come back stronger.

"Visually I was really inspired by a whole range of sources. The video games Shadow Of The Colossus and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice were big ones, as well as Dark Souls. I watched as many movies and TV shows and videos set in Iceland as I could find such as Noah, Game Of Thrones, Oblivion and Rogue One, just to get a sense of how they used the landscape more than anything. I also spent an ungodly amount of time on Google street view just driving around Iceland looking for perfect locations.

"We had a tiny crew of six plus our lead actress Kit. Day 1 was arriving, picking up equipment and driving to the location just outside the town of Vik, Day 2 was shoot day, and Day 3 was travelling back. It was a lot to do in a short space and pretty hectic, especially when you run into problems and are completely reliant on the weather, but Iceland gifted us a perfect afternoon and I had the most amazing time living and working with such a close knit, amazing team.

"Our VFX were done by a good friend of mine, the insanely talented Director and VFX artist Olaf Blomerus. We spoke at length about the look I was after and he basically nailed it on the first pass. All in all, I can't wait to work with them all again!"

DIRECTOR - Frederick Lloyd

PRODUCER - Jack Lightfoot




FOCUS PULLER - Emily Jane Robinson


MAKE-UP - Alice Howlett

COLOURIST - Toby Tomkins


VFX - Olaf Blomerus

LEAD ACTOR - Kit Reeve

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