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Game Play is a short 3 minute action thriller film. It follows a small boy, Jack, and his vivid imagination as he is made to play outside away from his computer games. To entertain himself he recreates the derelict landscape and 'bad guys' seen in his video game using his imagination. Whilst the audience sees into Jack's mind, the dad is left puzzled as his son roles around and mimes shooting thin-air. However so immersed in Jack's own world he fails to differentiate between fantasy and reality, creating a shocking end to the film.



Starring Matt Swart, Bryn Hodgen and John Celea
Stage Firearms Provided by Contact Front
Original Music by Mark J Saliba



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My name is James Dearden and I’m a Producer / Director and Graphic Designer. My passion is for engaging content and finding a harmonious balance between playful yet provocative media. I am a creative problem solver at my core, with a hand in all things online, corporate and commercial, striving to present beautiful stories with powerful imagery.

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